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Perfectly keep your backpack and belongings away from rain, mud, and dust by getting Rucksack Cover. This rucksack cover is lightweight with elastic. This cover is a perfect rucksack accessory that keeps it dry. It is small enough to stash in a pocket until needed and easy to slip over your pack in a rush. Get this protective cover for your rucksack and save your belongings from sudden storms/rain. 


  • Highly packable and compressed rain cover for rucksacks
  • Made of 100% nylon, 15D plain weave fabric
  • In-built pouch that makes it convenient for retrieving and packing
  • Approximately weighs 74 grams
  • Dimensions while packed: 6.5 inches length, 4 inches wide
  • Marked as 60-80L but fits below and beyond the stated range of ruck sacks
  • Stuffed with high quality elastic chord and chord stopper on the circumference of cover
  • 1X2 inch Velcro strap to secure the cover in in-built pouch
  • The pouch comes with looped elastic chord for hooking with ruck sack straps or trouser’s belt loop