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Cooking System Advantages:
1. INTEGRATED COOKING SYSTEM: All-in-one stove, secure-locking pot, weight 427G (15 oz ).
2. COMPACT DESIGN: the stove body and the 230G gas tank can be put into the pot. All into a free stuff sack. Save more space for your backpack!
(Note: this product doesn't contain a gas tank)
3. MAXIMIZED EFFICIENCY: Our heat exchange technology improves heating efficiency by 30%, which makes its effects faster than common stoves. A cloth insulator on the pot body reduces heat loss and protects your hands.
4. IGNITION & WINDPROOF: Pushbutton piezo ignitor makes firing and heating up easier. Designed with windproof.
5. Especially designed pack assure you to get the perfect product when receiving.
Cooking System Features:
1.Nozzle thread model : 7/16" -28NS
2.Ignition method: Piezoelectric ignition
4.Fuel: Butane/Propane fuel mix
5.Package:sack + carton box
6.Net Weight: 427G (15 oz )
7.Size: 120*120*240mm  (4.7*4.7*9.4 inch)
8.Maximum Capacity:1400ml , Safe water level : 1100ml