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  • Compact Emergency Blanket: Nylon pouch encloses 4 X-large dual-sided colored Mylar thermal blankets and weighs 10oz, compactly rolled for convenient toting; Each blanket weighs just 2oz and provides ultimate warmth and comfort
  • Versatile Mylar Blankets: Waterproof Mylar fabric retains 90% of body heat to provide warmth in extremely low temperatures, an ideal survival blanket for emergency kits, outdoor adventures like camping, trailing, hiking,  and much more
  • Full Protection: Each 7x5 foot Foil blanket is 25% bigger than a normal blanket, gives total body protection, bigger size offers a significant edge over others while building emergency shelters, taped easily to ensure maximum warmth with minimal weight
  •  High-Grade Material: NASA designed blankets are crafted with ultra-durable, tear-resistant, tried and tested material; easy to stash, offer superior insulation, can be compactly stored in a portable Nylon pouch with a carabiner