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This hydration bottle is essential for your hiking and trekking needs, as it can be inserted in your rucksack or day bag, as well as you can replace your hydration bottle from your hydration bag (in case of leakage) without buying a new hydration bag. The mouth nozzle can be locked to avoid unwanted leakage.


  • Color: Blue
  • Net Weight:134g/139g/147g
  • Size: (30 x 17.5)cm /(35.5 x 18) cm /(38.4 x 20.2) cm
  • Tube Length: 100cm
  • Material: Internal layer: PE
  • Outer layer: EVA
  • SL handle: ABS
  • Nozzle: Silicone
  • Capacity:1.5L/2L/3L