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This bright camp light is ideal for night based outdoor activities. It will brighten up your surroundings with it's bright light. It's easily chargeable and can last multiple days if used properly.



  • Name: Starlight LED Multifunctional Outdoor Camp Lamp
  • Lighting Mode: Bright White light/Natural light/Warm Yellow Light
  • Net Weight: approx 518g
  • Packing Size: 19cm*10cm*9.8cm
  • Battery Capacity: 6600mA
  • Input & Output: 5V 1A / 5V 1A
  • Material: Rubber / ABS / PC

Battery Life:

Natural light
Lumen: 150
Endurance: 18Hour

Warm Yellow Light
Lumen: 180
Endurance: 15Hour

Bright White Light
Lumen: 500
Endurance: 13Hour