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【Stop Falling Down】10 sharp and sturdy teeth can grasp the ground firmly. You could safely walk on the snow or ice without effort and worry. Note: This is not a professional crampon designed for ice climbing
【No Fragility】The sole is made of 2.5mm sturdy Manganese steel, wear-resistant, and cold-resistant: tolerant to -45℃. Weight: 850g/1.87 lbs.
【All-purpose Design】Quick-adjust size bar allows it to fit most types of shoes precisely, including soft trekking shoes and rigid mountaineering boots.
【Easy to Put on】Fasten the shoelace in a few minutes for stability. Equipped with a protective lock buckle. Anti-snow plates are fully assembled.
【Practical Case】The free storage bag protects the crampons from scratching and missing. Neatly packaged in your backpack or luggage case. Convenient to carry anywhere


  1. Only suitable for some terrain from even ice ground to snow slope that is not steep, not for vertical icefalls or mixed routes. 
  2. Before bundling, fully press down the crampons for making sure your soles are compactly in contact with the crampons. Improper use will lead to inconvenience and hidden danger. 
  3. Check carefully if the shoelace, screws, and lock buckle are loose anytime when walking or climbing. 
  4. Clean the crampons often and put them in the package. Storage in a dry place. 
  5. Crampons’ spikes are sharp. Use with caution. Stay away from the kids and pets. 
  6. Please don’t heat the crampon near the fire or its durability and strength will be damaged. 
  7. Finely grind the crampons with a sharp item, rather than a grinder. The high temperature produced by grinding wheels will ruin the steel. 
  8. Take the hex key with you in case of need. 


  • Material: Manganese steel and TPU 
  • Item Weight: 0.85kg/1.87lbs 
  • Size: EU 37-45, US Men 6-11.5/US Women 5.5-12 
  • Package Dimension: 23.5x11x12.5(cm)/9.3’’x 4.3’’x 4.9’’