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The World’s Smallest Espresso Maker. Make a barista-worthy espresso in seconds wherever you go with this powerful mini coffee machine. This handheld coffee maker outshines its competitors in a smaller size, superior flavor, safer material, wider application, and more possibilities. It requires no more than a few manual pumping to produce a pressure twice as high compared to the electric ones, perfect to make espresso, iced coffee, cold brew using pods or grounds, just the way you like it, wherever you are. STARESSO MINI stands out from the crowd with its consistent production of creamy, flavorful espresso at the perfect extraction rate between 18 and 22%, meeting the gold cup standard with little effort, even if you lack the grinding, tamping, and brewing technique of a barista.


  • Ultra-compact design
  • Quick manual press
  • 20-Bar high pressure
  • Large capacity
  • Patented durable pump.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Various types of coffee can be used.
  • Coffee pods and ground – both are compatible.
  • The travel pouch is included