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Vango Trento Women's Waterproof Walking Shoes

The Trento walking shoe has all the benefits and features of Vango walking boots in a lighter and more compact shoe. The rugged Protex® upper will keep your feet dry and cool in the toughest conditions whilst the Rock Rubber® outsole will ensure you receive the maximum grip possible; perfect for day walks and low-level hikes.

Protex™ Membrane

Vango introduced Protex® 4:2 fabric to their range to help increase the overall quality, whilst also minimizing the effects on the planet. Protex® 4:2 fabric features 2x the rip strength and 1.6x the stitch retention of traditional PVC used in other brand's products. It is also treated with 2 inner and 4 outer coatings of PU, meaning the fabric will be water-resistant. Vango launch its own branded waterproof/breathable coated fabrics. These are premium PU-coated fabrics giving increased insurance against water penetration.

Vango Footspy Insole

Vango has developed its own fitting process with the Vango FootSpy™ insole and Vango FitStick™. Every pair of boots is specially fitted with an insole that features a red line at the toe end, indicating where the toes should be positioned. The Vango Footspy Insole was specially designed used to assess where your foot is in relation to the boot to provide optimal support on the toughest of hikes whilst remaining comfortable.