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The Jumar clamp is the most popular clamp among climbers, tourists, speleologists and rescuers. The Jumar clamp is designed for lifting and positioning on a fixed rope, guiding pulleys, and lifting loads. The ergonomic shape of the handle, covered with rubber, ensures ease of use and thermal insulation. Used for convenient gripping of rope during traction or tension (no more than 150 kg per jumar).
The cam design has a groove that ensures self-cleaning from moisture, ice and dirt. Works with rope Ø 8-13 mm.
Permissible user weight with all equipment, equipment, and clothing: 100 kg.
Maximum load 4 kN.

Dimensions, mm - 190х97х32 (±2 mm) (19 x 9.7 x 3.2) cm

Weight, g - 212 (±10) g

Rope diameter 8-13 mm

Minimum working load 4 kN

EAC Certificate