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  •  Material: aluminum alloy
  • Tensile force: static tension is about 24kN (about 2400kg), rolling tension is about 12kN (about 1200kg)
  • Scope of application: outdoor crossing, overhead zip line, cargo transportation, rock climbing, rapid descent, extended protection, dragging and hoisting, pulley block, etc.
  • Applicable rope diameter: within 16mm
  • Size: about 15x8.2x5.8 cm
  • Weight: about 415 grams,


  • Movable side plate, smooth damping, smooth opening, and closing, not easy to shake
  • Concave pulley, smooth and smooth, polishing process, makes the rope better fit the pulley, and use it more smoothly without jamming the groove
  • The double pulley adopts the design of an isolation plate, the two ropes will not be entangled with each other when in use
  • High-strength aluminum alloy material, good load-bearing capacity, a wide range of uses