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Specifications and Features:

  • Butane/Propane Mix High Altitude Gas Cans
  • Atomgas 230 grams gas capsule is light and portable and most importantly safe for use in trips and outings.
  • The 230-gram gas capsule of Atomgas is easy to carry and maintain with its lightweight and volume and can be easily used in any type of travel and professional climbing.
  • 230 g butane/propane gas capsule, 230 g, with the possibility of separating from the gas stove and reusing it.
  • 230-gram gas canisters of Atomgas have a high-quality valve and can be separated from gas stoves, they are very suitable for camping and mountain climbing.
  • In addition to having the national standard mark of Iran, this capsule has ISO 9001 and 10004 standards