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The 400 ml children's bottle has been designed with the youngest users in mind. The tightly closing cap protects the liquid inside the cup and allows for safe storage in a bag or backpack, without the fear of spilling the contents. What is more, it has been permanently attached, which significantly facilitates the use of the cup. A magnet placed in the cap and in the handle of the mug allows for locking the cap, in a manner allowing for comfortable use of the mug. The specially designed and profiled thread ensures quick rehydration and also makes the cup easy to use. The product can be comfortably grasped with two fingers using the ergonomic handle. The Chute Mag Kids bottle is made from 50% recycled material and BPA/BPS/BPF-free titanium, so it does not absorb flavors or odors from liquids. Its design also allows it to be washed in the dishwasher.


  • 0.4L capacity.
  • Airtight seal;
  • Ergonomic two-finger grip;
  • Magnetic locking of the open cap;
  • Contoured thread;
  • Materials used: Tritan renew copolyester made from 50% recycled material

TRITAN is A special, durable material that is BPA/BPS/BPF free. As a result, it does not absorb flavors or odors from drinks. In addition, it is very durable.