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  • Light and soft: Snowbird sleeping bag selects high-quality high-top duck down, with a down content of 90% and a fluffy degree of 650FP.
  • Skin-friendly fabric: Mummy sleeping bag fabric is skin-friendly, soft, breathable, and water-repellent nylon, suitable for the variable nature of outdoor climate.
  • Good warmth retention: The sleeping pad adopts a C-shaped wrapping design, U-shaped cap cover, YKK two-way zipper, and the ratio of upper and lower pieces is 6:4, allowing more down cover on the top of the body, keeping warm and comfortable.
  • Note: When washing, you need to wash by hand, do not machine wash or dry. It can be ventilated and dried after use; do not over-compress and store.
  • 880g Specifications:
    Model: Snowbird -3℃
    - Size: M
    - Fill: 880g duck down
    - Dimension: 190×75cm
    - Storage Dimension: Φ20×41cm
    - Weight: 1.48kg
    - Temperature: 

                              TRANSITION: -15℃(5℉)
                               RISK: -35℃(-31℉)