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The Trek sleeping mat range is the perfect choice when durability, strength, and affordability are paramount. The small pack size and light weight are ideal features when you need to carry your bed on your back. The robust fabric and the valve system are perfect for the rugged outdoors. The Fast-Pack carry bag system facilitates a quick and simple pack-away, letting your adventure continue without hassle.3cm foam with diamond cutouts - Reduces weight, but maintains comfort and insulation. The meets European REACH standards, ensuring safe use and peace of mind.


  • Non-Slip
  • Polyester with honeycomb ripstop
  • 3 cm foam with diamond cutouts
  • Fast-Pack carry bag
  • Materials used within the sleeping mat meet and exceed the European REACH standards. 
  • Repair Kit Included


  • Weight: 0.969kg
  • Warmth: 7
  • Pack size: (26.0 x 15.0) cm
  • Height: 3.0cm
  • Length: 183.0cm
  • Comfort: Weight
  • Sleeping Mat Size: Standard
  • Width: 51.0cm