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The updated model of the universal and fully adjustable waist gazebo Sirius is suitable for rock climbing, mountaineering and various types of tourism. The design of the system ensures uniform distribution of the load between the belt and leg loops, without restricting movement. 
Additional comfort due to the thoughtful design of the leg loops. Webbing pads make the system more comfortable and durable to use. The power ring is made of two layers of sling 16 mm wide, which, on the one hand, increases its wear resistance, and on the other, adds convenience when tying the rope. The bright green color adds a more positive feel to your adventures and will also make it easier for your friends to spot you in a crowd of fellow climbers.
Simple and reliable adjustment system: two quick-release adjustment buckles on the belt make it easy to adjust the system to size by arranging the weight loops symmetrically. Buckles on the leg loops allow you to adjust the system to different body types and different sets of clothing. There is a loop at the back for transporting cargo. The system has two hard weight loops on the sides for convenient placement of equipment and two soft loops on the back that do not conflict with the backpack. Two slots for auxiliary CARITOOL carabiners will help expand the functionality for winter ascents or ice climbing.
L - waist circumference, cm - 80-108 cm, leg circumference, cm - 58-75 cm
Weight - 490 g
Max load – 15 KN
Colour: green