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Aluminium carabiner with automatic clutch. Can be used to organize self-belays, stations, attaching equipment items, etc. The carabiner shape is best suited for use with the UIAA knot and for use with belay devices. Used in competitions, mountaineering, tourism and speleology. The keylock type makes it easier to release. The automatic three-stroke clutch allows you to minimize the risk of spontaneous opening of the carabiner while maintaining the speed of work with the automatic carbine.

Dimensions - (7.2 x 11.6) cm
Weight - 97 g
Carabiner shape - asymmetrical
Latch type - automatic with double locking
Latch shape - straight
Max load in the longitudinal direction - 27 KN
Max longitudinal load with an open latch - 8 KN
Load in the transverse direction - 8 KN
Carabiner opening width - 2.1 cm
Certificate GOST-R